HCOS Teacher Job Posting – Grad Program Spanish

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Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS) is a K-12 Provincial Online Learning School,
providing fully accredited, Christian education to students in BC. As one of Western
Canada’s largest online schools, we connect teachers with families and students to
provide guidance and support via personalized, online, and face-to-face options.
At HCOS, our teachers are independent contractors who are resourceful and innovative
educators. They are passionate about learning and building Christ centered relationships with
students and families. Please see our Teacher Profile for more information.
Teachers at HCOS demonstrate professionalism by:

  • Intentionally engaging and interacting with students
  • Using communication that promotes relationship and student success
  • Providing both formative and summative feedback on student learning
  • Writing relational reporting that matches ministry and school requirements
  • Participating in a supportive professional community and professional development
  • Engaging in open and consistent communication with administration and other school

HCOS Teachers effectively support students by:

  • Using suitable and supportive initial communication to onboard students such as
    welcome letters, videos, forum posts or face-to-face interactions
  • Being proactive and preventative by reaching out to students, sending encouraging
    emails to students who are succeeding, and tracking down students who haven’t
    checked in for a while
  • Creating meaningful interactions, which include face-to-face communication
  • Being inclusive of all students
  • Praying with and/or for our students
  • Contacting parents or guardians to assist the learning journey of their students
  • Seeking opportunities to honour and encourage the student’s faith journey

Efficiency in OL teaching includes:

  • Creating systems for managing student work and interactions
  • Using quick and thoughtful communication and assignment feedback
  • Providing direct support or exemplars of student work to students and parents or
    guardians as needed
  • Being frequently and consistently available for students in proportion to student load
  • Having strong technical skills – being quick to learn and implement new technologies

We are looking for an independent contractor who is certified to teach in BC for the followingcourses:

  • Spanish Grade 10
  • Spanish Grade 11
  • Introductory to Spanish Grade 11
  • Spanish Grade 12

If you are a passionate teacher who is looking for an opportunity to develop innovative
Christ-centered educational opportunities, we’d love to hear from you! This position will
commence with our summer school term at the beginning of May and continue through the
23/24 school year.
Please apply online via the Online Application form – Teachers noting in the comments field the
course(s) you are applying for.

To apply for this job please visit forms.kccnet.ca.